Each program at All Star Athletics is created to help your child reach their full potential, both athletically and personally! Parents love that we are the Region’s only Personal Development Centre incorporating character building into each of our programs. 

Group Classes

Want to learn to flip and twist? Maybe you are looking for a class for your young child to learn, balance, coordination and flexibility? We have a class for everyone!

Athletes can learn skills SAFELY and with an emphasis on proper technique leading to greater CONFIDENCE and SUCCESS!

Tiny Tumblers: Ages 3-5 will work on and improve; balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Our enthusiastic instructors provide exciting and stimulating lessons each week to increase strength, and flexibility all while learning basic gymnastics elements. This class runs for 55 Minutes a week and sessions begin in May and September but we accept students all year long. *Must be 3 at time of registration

Tumbling Classes By Level Ages 6 and up: Our leveled tumbling classes allow athletes to be surrounded by athletes of their skill level and progress at their own rate. Each class will include skills, drills, conditioning, and stretching! What level is right for you? Call us and we can find the right class for you!

ALL tumbling classes are structured by ability. This means that YOU progress at your own pace and level. Coaches can give focused instruction and athletes can feel comfortable as they progress properly in an enthusiastic, safe and positive atmosphere!

Athletes condition in all classes developing the strength to execute skills properly. They participate in one on one instruction as well as supervised performance of drills/stations to correct body positions and technique.  All of this allows for the BEST possible instruction from the Region’s Best coaching staff.

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 All Star Athletics is the clear choice for fun, and safety! Parents will love our curriculum and progressions to ensure their child’s proper advancement and kids love our fun, enthusiastic staff and classes.

 What Can You Expect From Classes At All Star Athletics?

  • Goal Setting and Goal Getting!
  • Improved Fitness, a fun workout each class!
  • Improved Confidence and Self Esteem!
  • Fun, caring and knowledgeable staff!

Private Lessons

Looking for one on one instruction? Our coaches provide 30 minute private lessons to improve strength, stamina, power and flexibility to help you improve your tumbling. One on one instruction provides more shaping drills and instant feedback to help your child progress.

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Things To Note: 
  • We have developed curriculums that will not only challenge your child but will enhance their self-esteem and confidence and give them something to look forward to each week
  • We have a progressive curriculum that athletes must follow in order to safely achieve new skills
  • It is very common for athletes to stay in the same class/level for a few months, year or even longer
  • We pride ourselves on teaching tumbling technically correct in a safe environment, therefore children will progress when ready

 All Star Athletics is Building Better Athletes, Creating Better People!


Open Gym

Looking to get more repetitions on your tumbling skills? Or perhaps you want to get some extra work in with your stunt group! Are you a dancer who wants to work on their acro or tumbling? Come out to our open gym!

Open gym runs Friday 6-8 pm September to April. Open Gym is open to athletes ages 5 and up, all athletes must be able to work independently. Members are admitted free, non-members are $5.00 and need a signed waiver on file.

Open Gym is a supervised but non-structured way for you to use the gym and equipment. Coaches are there to supervise only, they do not provide lessons during this time. If you wish for some one on one time with a staff member please book a private lesson!

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My Wednesday Warrior is all of the coaches! For their commitment and dedication to our children! - Sarah Scott

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