The coaches, staff, all the athletes and the parents make this gym a great place to be. Alison Slack 

Each program at All Star Athletics is created to help your child reach their full potential, both athletically and personally! Parents love that we are the Region’s only Personal Development Centre incorporating character building into each of our programs.

All Star Athletics is the clear choice for fun, and safety! Parents will love our curriculum and progressions to ensure their child’s proper advancement and kids love our fun, enthusiastic staff and classes.

All Star Athletics is Building Better Athletes, Creating Better People!

What Can You Expect From Classes At All Star Athletics?

  • Goal Setting and Goal Getting!
  • Improved Fitness, a fun workout each class!
  • Improved Confidence and Self Esteem!
  • Fun, caring and knowledgeable staff!

What is Go Ninja?

Go Ninja is a hybrid of gymnastics, parkour, and obstacle course training program. 

 Go Ninja is gymnastics based, providing movement education for a foundation of physical fitness for kids

Our Ninjas are mastering new skills while building confidence! 

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Go Ninja Is Improving:

  • Confidence
  • Impulse Control
  • Focus
  • Cooperating in a group setting


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