All Star Prep Teams 

Looking to get involved in a cheer program but not quite ready for the full season and travel commitment? All Star Prep is perfect for you! 

All Star Prep is the perfect introduction into competitive cheerleading with once a week practices and one competition per session. Learn the basics of cheerleading all while learning exciting and fun routines. 

Please check back soon for our All Star Prep Information Package for 2017-2018


Megan is really enjoying the All Star environment. She is learning new skills very quickly and she is cheer 24 hours a day! Not sure if that is a good thing or not! But she is excited and feels connected. That is exactly what I wanted for her! Thanks to all the coaches and staff you are all amazing. We are looking forward to a great year! - April Marois

All Star Full Year Competitive Teams 

How Can I Join A Team? 

Team Placements are held Late April. Come dressed to be active and have hair tied back. Plan to be there for about 30 minutes. Team placement sessions are done on an individual basis, you do not need to have anything prepared.

What Is The Commitment Required To Be On An All Star Team?

All of our All Star Teams have a mandatory attendance policy to ensure our teams are prepared for competition, this means you may have to give up some social activities such as school dances, parties, concerts etc to be on one of our teams. The life long friendships, goal achievement, relationships and experiences that you will gain from being on one of our teams cannot be measured!

What Does It Cost To Be On One Of The All Star Teams?

Pricing for our teams ranges based on age and time in the gym.  


We have a program for everyone! Please inquire about our Cheer team for athletes with Special Needs!

Our teams are extremely successful at all major competitions earning several National titles and specialty awards such as: Grand Champion, Most spirited and nominated for Innovative Pyramid! You and your child will be proud to be a part of the All Star Athletics Program!

All Star Athletics

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